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Earth Observation (EO) is very important task to understand and to monitor what happened on the earth. One part of these observation is monitoring plants and animals around us for various purposes, such as monitoring foreign organisms, sensing environmental changes including sudden appearance of toxic gases, and tracking gardening patterns. All these activities requires “standardized” data covering GPS coordination, correct species information, precise pictures as well as additional information. However, these information cannot be controlled if we collected them without any standardized protocol because data types are different from each other. To overcome this problem, we launched android application with the aid of web-based database and systems for collecting GPS coordination and pictures as a standard form. Our system provides “Project” function for various groups which are interested in different targets. In addition, map browser provides diverse plots of the collected data with various search options. Moreover, Species Identification Browser will provides the process for identifying species correctly and taxonomical classification will also be provided at various level, such as genus, family, phylum, and etc. We hope that all these functions can be useful for EO groups and this system can be utilized for further in-depth analyses as well as researches, too.
K-BON (Korea Biodiversity Observation Network) / 42, Hwangyeong-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea / TEL 032-590-7184 / http://appathon.k-bon.net